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The man with the stone in 8 years old boy after dr

Law enforcement captain bribery leads to area of b

?????????????? ??????????

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Auction market behind-the-scenes plotting Demystif


The taxi driver was drunk out overnight driving ba

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Liar with classics as 100000 yuan in cash fraud ol

The newspaper news( reporter Cheng Yuting correspondent Zheng Zhaolong ) 3 years withoutlinking the old peer Zhou calls, invite Mr. Wang to do business together, but Mr. Wang has been gone for 5000 yuan.
Yesterday, we learned ,fraud Zhou Banan District procuratorate prosecution ,was eventually sentenced to imprisonment for 7 months .Zhou is 43 years old this year ,in May last year,louboutin pas cher, still doing a scrap metal business week some cards lost thousands of dollars ,he called to find a long time no contact old colleague mr.
.At that time ,Mr. Wang has been diverted to the second-hand home appliance business .Zhou proposed as Mr Wang with acquisition of Nanquan a guesthouse ,hotel ,waste TV air conditioning and boiler ,Louboutin Pas Cher,100000,also 5000 yuanfrom you ,appliances such as give you everything .
In May 24th 8 in the morning,Mr. Wang and Zhou about to the South Spring look goods ,he drove to Zhou ,first to the .Zhou said ,Louboutin Pas cher,first to introduce him to the hotel business gifts for friends, and let Mr.
to hand in 5000 yuan gift money to pay .In order to conclude the business ,Mr. Wang off take 5000 yuanto zhou .Zhou put the money in a brown envelope ,will carry with a blue plastic bag placed in deputy driver , 100000 yuan,we go to pay money .
Then ,Zhou and turned toward the direction of the station .Mr. Wang is going to throw plastic bags to move the seat ,only to find a plastic bag is very light ,Louboutin Pas cher,simply can not put money .He ripped open the pocket ,found inside a book called how the steel was tempered book ,call other friends ,know Zhou long after losing the layman in the cheat ,many people have been cheated by him .
By killing her body bags .Woven bags, bar code .Voices Online November 24th dispatch ( reporter Lu Hong ) we hope to provide clues to help us to uncover ,mutilating young children demon .
On November 24th, Xiamen police micro-blog (http://t.sina.com.cn ) reward collection killing girls case cues were netizen attention ,the telephone was out even enthusiastic netizen ,netizen expresses ,voluntary increase bounty collect clues ,hope the early escapement .
To this, police say thanks ,and I look forward to working with friends work together ,let the mob brannigan .The police micro-blog syndrome murder leads late on the night of November 23rd ,a micro-blog wanted reward attracted netizens concern : 14 days ,a girls washed up on the beach near Xiamen Huli District Takasaki ,Louboutin Pas Cher,finally with her only a shabby clothes and a braided bag ,her scars ,he abused ,was posthumously into the sea .
The criminal means to make one ,the police offered a reward of 5000 yuanfor clues . The little girl was killed and then threw into the sea .According to local media reports ,a girl about 3 years old, thin, wearing a shirt with pleasant goat pattern of white and yellow striped jumper ,and a large red sweatpants ,had been abused ,had multiple bruises .
It provides million bounty bringing bloggers Xiamen police online in network offers a reward of circular and provides clues -- had packed her body blue plastic bags .According to the micro-blog picture display ,a bar code read and 2420006number, price is 9 yuan .
Diagram of bar code from which store ?With the bar code label plastic bags you see where to have sell? Netizen gold and was look after the reminder ,the beginning of the 660 is not a part of Chinabarcode number may be casually ,the brand-name goods ,suggest that the police into the lower end of the wholesale market to find clues .
Netizen old Yung in micro-blog saw the police have issued and picture ,immediately forwarded ,and expressed willingness to police 5000 yuanreward ,individual increases 5000 yuan again .
But before him ,netizen Yang Yue Yang Yue also said ,will add 5000 yuan reward .Police in Xiamen have attached great importance to users to provide clues .Xiamen City Public Security Bureau police battalion of the criminal investigation branch had thunder Lake in the micro-blog in response ,based on the gold and aunt ,the police have been rearranged reconnaissance range ,not standard bar code for investigation of increasing difficulty many users ,hope to provide clues .
The girls parents suspect cannot exclude the Public Security Bureau of Xiamen City Lake Branch of the Criminal Investigation Brigade told reporters Liu Jingguan ,louboutin,thank you very much for the public and the help .
The police have received many masses to provide clues to the telephone ,especially a reward notice posted on the telephone has become a 24hour hotline.The police will make the greatest efforts .
At present, the police are broad access to census data ,and the local supermarkets ,kindergarten ,epidemic prevention station ,clinic investigation .But as of press time ,girl has not been found .
Judging from the current situation ,the girls parents is much more likely ,Mr. Liu said ,a child is missing so long no see parents alarm ,parents suspect cannot be ruled out .Link :intimate micro-blog -- Police Online journalist observed ,Louboutin,blogger Xiamen Police Online micro-blog wanted suspect ,is not the first time .
Prior to this ,Xiamen police have been online online looking for more suspects .Xiamen online micro-blog ,in addition to issue a wanted notice ,police dynamics,Christian Louboutin Pas cher, more is to release information .
In November 24th 11:31 alert!The counterfeit money starting with CE86 and CH31,the generic level super HD90 edition.100 yuan number CE86 ,CH31 ,HB90 ,WJ1 beginning are counterfeit money .
50 yuan number beginning with FA are counterfeit money .10 yuan number AB77 ,AB88 ,AB99 beginning are counterfeit money .In November 18th 00:06 fire escapenine tips: to escape quickly ,do not trust property ;usually understand the fire escape method ,familiar with several escape route ;three is covered with wet clothes ,bedding and other safe exit to go out ;in the smoke to body on the ground ,and with a wet towel to cover your mouth and nose ;on fire do not run ,you can roll over on the ground or use thick clothes to put out the flames ;can not use the elevators ;outdoor fire up the bedding ,clothing and other plug doors and windows ,and water cooling ;use lights ,swinging clothes ,call for help signal sent to the outside ;not blindly jump off building ,the bed sheet ,louboutin pas cher,quilt cover strips into a rope ,tight tied sash ,iron railings and other fixtures,louboutin, slide along the rope .
In November 15th 17:43 cold,there will be a vagrant cat dog hiding under the car near the exhaust pipe and engine warming ,fellow taxi driver please check before driving car ,regardless of whether they are found to have cats and dogs ,please ring the horn ,tell them to leave the car ,so as to avoid injury .
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200 square meters of thermocline was divided into 19 rental apar

The apartments are separated into ,only one person through the corridor .This apartment installation of 18 meterof rare .Small flat on the bed .Yesterday morning, residents to the 96096 report,Nanjing city Jiangning District Tianyuan Road on the modern city in twenty-first Century ,and a 200 square meters of duplex apartment, was the landlord was partitioned into 19 rooms,and then leased to more than 30 people ,mostly migrant workers .
This is absolutely the most cattle in Nanjing living ,we have to reflect a property many times ,but I don see effect !The residents said angrily .Neighbor reflect the tenant is too noisy to rest after receiving reports from residents ,reporters rushed to the Jiangning District of modern city district in twenty-first Century ,informed leadership,louboutin, reporters came to what they call the Nanjing dwelling ,is also the District 38 Building 1room 602 units.
Because the door can not shout ,the reporter only in the vicinity of occupants of the home visit ,when talking about this matter ,the residents of the district are shaking .Downstairs a reflected by residents, their community in Jiangning is also a high-end community ,many residents floor penthouse is a 6 floor jump 7 buildings200square meterslarge house .
Residential rental housing many, but have never seen such a transformation room ,a suite for 30 peopletogether ,which in Nanjing is really rare !With these ,the residents have to reporters just a dead :the house of 200 square meters ,is divided into 19 rooms,remove the aisle and wall ,each room area should not be more than 8 square meters,and is allocated to each tenant head ,area is less than 6 square meters .
So the rental housing ,should belong to the Nanjing Dwelling ! This is probably the landlord wanted the money so badly, he did not consider the safety of tenants ,the house was divided into the colony ,in case of fire ,I escape upstairs tenants are in danger, we do not consider these tenants composition and community policing issues ,so do the group of tenants will appear dangerous people pay attention to ?One of the residents of residential property to pay no heed to the opinion is quite big .
Residents points out ,and the rent is more young girls or boys ,they are the daytime rest back home at midnight ,every up and down the stairs into the small girl ,with be full of go take a shower at home singing ,the noise so that neighbors cannot normal rest .
Site visits room narrow channels have only one pass at 2 pm yesterday,because the most cattle dwelling a young female tenant out, the reporter was able to enter ,find 6 floorliving room bedroom was opened following a thick 10 rooms,the left channel only one normal traffic ,upstairs the 9 roomis also the door by the door ,as soon as the normal door ,another tenant must wait to go out ,in case the building fire ,at least upstairs tenants escape probability is very small .
The reporter noticed ,these are spaced every room was filled with anti-theft door ,interior not transparent windows ,are also stainless steel anti-theft window .Perhaps the landlord tenant is already considering so many interference neighbors, especially in all the necessary security door into the household to write on the close the door behind you ,thank you !Up and down the stairs not sound .
In the landlord made household convention ,first pointed out explicitly ,rental personnel must obey the modern property management companies; the fifth is not held ,noise big dinner or party ;Ninth mark, after 10 in the evening, TV set ,computer speaker volume by any act ,shall not affect the neighbor ,if the number of times by the two stake in neighbor complaints ,and several advice are invalid as a breach of contract .
Then from the witnesses at the scene of a property management staff heard ,they don area within this rental households .The scene of a residential area was pointed out ,they have reflected many times ,said property not purely alibi ,the residents then pointing to the thermocline 7 floorstaircase in 3 rows of18metersaid : meters ,and social housing also allows the cook, the residents of electricity lines ,once you start at the same time electromagnetic furnace ,if the trigger circuit to hold fire ,I really don how they escape ,even if the landlord not considered dangerous ,are these children don into the prison general small house there will be danger? It neighbors worried about the problems, then contact the reporters Jiangning Development Zone Station ,hope to understand such rental housing is in the police station registration .
The alarm to Jiangning Development Zone station a police officer into the group of rent ,even calling not seen such a dwelling house .For this rental housing the existence of potential safety problems ,a police officers immediately said: dangerous ,because these are separated by a small room has a door ,and the small window also has settings window ,if room fire, door of guard against theft occurred was burned after deformation, floor tenants no escape .
Rent in the group ,the reporter saw a rent to the students, when the police asked here are aware of being dangerous to rent ,the girl innocent face said: is not thought ,we only think of here rent cheap ,a large room is 650 yuan,the smaller the room about 600 notto .
The girl said ,they feel the rental conditions good, because every room not only have the toilet ,and air conditioning ,water heaters and washing machine .A small owners visited a boy after the room, found that less than 7 square metresbedroom placed a high double bed ,shower is abutted on the bed ,next to the air conditioner is also provided with a warm air blower for heating in winter .
The owners immediately exclaimed: 19tenants ifenabled the simultaneous electrical ,aren fear circuit fire could be dangerous ?Here ,the original feel live is very comfortable girl turned pale .
Reporter Li Haiyong text / photo how to do ?What am I gonna do ?The landlord wouldn the police couldn ,property and there is no way to yesterday afternoon interview ,police check there is danger ,immediately contact the landlord said to processing ,but in the end because the landlord refused to appear temporarily give up .
To manage the area of property ,Louboutin Pas cher,they said just informed ,was also out of solution .The reporter then attempted to contact Mr. Fang Donglin ,but despite how journalists call the mobile phone ,the landlord is not answering the phone .
Then this set of residential owners of the mouth of the most cattle living room ,although there is danger cannot control ?The reporter will continue tracking reports .Li Haiyong &nbsp ;there are provisions !Yes or no.
In view of capsule apartment in February 1st this year ,the State Ministry of housing and Urban-Rural Construction on commodity housing rental management approach has been officially implemented ,approach under the rental housing may not be separated ,per capita living area shall not be less than the local government minimum standards provisions .
However, the reporter was informed that ,this new approach in real operation is difficult to perform .The introduction of the new lease management approach: the original design for the smallest room rental units reporter in the commodity housing rental management approach found in the rental management ,Louboutin Pas Cher,the new formulation of three main aspects : one is the requirement of rental housing should be the original design of the room is the smallest rental units ,is also on the rental market of break up the whole into parts dwelling phenomenon to stop; two are required per capita rental housing construction area shall not be less than the local people government minimum standards ,the prohibition of dwelling behavior come down in one continuous line ;three is provided in the housing rental contract period, the lessor shall not arbitrarily raise rents ,protecting the fundamental interests of tenants .
If there are irregularities, how to punish ? Method specific provision, or overdue correction ,can be fined up to 5000 yuan to 30000 yuan fine.Nanjing 7 years agowas not related to the minimum provisions :rental unit Nanjing reporters yesterday from the City Project Construction Committee was informed that the living ,for rental housing management ,Nanjing early in 2004 Novemberpublished the ,in which the rental housing described a total of seven ,including not permit access to property ,authority ,reconstruction ,change housing purposes without the approval of the and so on ,which did not address whether to the original design of the room is the smallest rental units .
The document has been 7 years ,has not moved ,should say or relatively thick lines .Nanjing city lives build appoint relevant personage expresses ,at present Nanjing does not publish the lowest per capita living area standard ,and most of the city was the same situation, not been released the lowest per capita housing area .
He also told reporters ,housing construction Department of the new approach is to lease the new changes in the market and the introduction ,according to his understanding ,Nanjing is brewing on the city rental housing management undertake corresponding modification .
&nbsp ;Ma Zuobo difficult to perform !Yes or no. Who is investigating the dwelling phenomenon not clearly is to find industrial and commercial ,public security or the housing sector is not conclusive since the national and local have such provisions, why similar capsule apartment such dwelling phenomenon still is banned repeatedly more than ? Must first clear who is investigated subject ,is the housing department ,commerce ,or public security ?There are no clear body .
Nanjing is a large conduit company responsible for the rental market has been very concerned ,he thought that rental housing generally see is divided into two categories ,one is to the housing management department registration ,louboutin pas cher,is not a record .
If the record ,the relevant departments will have the responsibility to supervise duty ,found irregularities promptly discouraged ;if not to record ,his house is separated into a plurality of rental, government to know and deal with .
According to his understanding ,even though the Nanjing local rental management approach has been provided ,for owner must to the housing management department registration ,but in the actual rental process, truly record estimated only 10% not to.
Those not registered, unless there are residents reported ,otherwise very difficult to manage .Ma Zuobo related news Shanghai per capita housing shall not be less than 5 square metersof the Sept.
13 ,Shanghai city announced a new revision of the Shanghai housing lease management approach ,the housing rental units as well as per capita minimal minimum rental area .The new approach clearly rental units ,requirement in an original design for living space for the smallest room rental units ,while emphasizing the building rental or not separated according to rent out bed ,kitchen ,bathroom ,and shall not be balcony ,underground storage room rental for personnel living .
At the same time approach clear the lowest per capita area ,namely the housing in a living space per capita for reference ,shall not be less than 5 square meters,and the provisions of residential property management area housing, rental units shall not be used as a dormitory .
Welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog recommended micro-blog hot today ( Editor: SN021 )the newspaper news ( reporter Chou Rihong Ren Guanyuan correspondent ,Mao Xiangchuan ) a claim to graduate ,the boss of the company specialized in unemployed man dating sites to thirty or forty years old single woman to marry as the goal ,the name piancaipianse .
Recently, blessing cropland police arrested ,found the man of mobile phone has had hundreds of we know female telephone number .Deceived woman alarm out to debunk this year in July, Chinese American woman Ma through internet dating platform to know a Shenzhen man Ricky ,claiming to graduate ,is a real estate company shareholders and the Hongkong company boss .
As a result of Ma MOU with operations in Shenzhen ,often go back to Shenzhen ,he and Ricky had several contacts, that he is good and he began dating .In July 19th, Ricky said the company had trouble to loan 3000000 yuan ,in the United States in September she sent to Ricky 400000 yuan.
In December,Christian Louboutin Pas cher, Ma Mou receives a strange woman with a single phone call ,claiming to be the Ricky cheated ,remind her may also be deceived, but also many other women .December 21st afternoon ,Ma made a special trip to return to Xiangmi Lake police station .
The next day at fourteen thirty PM, Jiang Mou in their own rental area is captured ;the next day at 2 pm ,police in Luohu District his wife Wu a found false premises licence ,false ID cards ,bank cards and a number of other crimes with tools .
Piancaipianse year-end 5 arrestedafter investigation ,Jiang Mou of 31 years old,after graduating from high school, go out to work ,no industry since 2005 .2005 riversome work in Nanjing to know the first victim of a week ,with a girlfriend and commitment to marriage by way of a $50000 aweek .
Subsequently, his long through multiple dating sites to make understanding of a large number of 30 to 40year-old unmarried female,fabricating false identity ,posing as a rich man ,with their feelings of loss ,longing to be loved psychological to win trust, subsequent to their company turnover or owe to their borrowing Qian Weijie .
To cheat money ,he continued to keep in touch with their money ,and cheating the color ,the majority of victims cheated for more than one year .Because every time he ready to commit fraud women had certain knowledge ,be he deceived many are some better economic conditions of the single women ,cheated amount is as high as about 2000000 yuan .
According to a preliminary review of the current river ,blessing cropland police have found 4scammedvictims, suspects of Jiang Mou has been detained in accordance with the law ,the case is in farther cognizance .

Parents worry about money to treat the sick man abandoned baby knife for breakin

Husband of wife into a vegetative state transfer deposit son surrogacy lawsuits


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????????????,Louboutin Pas Cher?????????????????????????????????????????

???????????????20?????????????4??4???????????????????????????????1????????????????????40?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????,Christian Louboutin Pas cher?????????????
?????????????????????????????????????????,Louboutin Pas cher?????????????

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????????????????????????????????,louboutin pas cher?100????


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British man 25 years lie 2500 woman to bed was sentenced to 3 years (Figure) new

Deputy director of the kindergarten threat for man in jail after prison false ce

16???????4??? ???????????????????26??

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